Rules of the Game

TetraTetris was originally designed for four players, the current maximum for some prototype DiamondTouch tables. However, the actual prototype that we worked on came with enough hardware for two users so while TetraTetris retained its name, its design was changed so that it could entertain two players.

The game play starts with simple blocks (i.e. the seven original blocks from Tetris) continously flowing out of the center of the board as gray and unowned. Players can then touch the pieces to claim them at which point they will begin gravitating toward the center of their personal player-space (indicated by color as shown in image above).

It is then up to the player to somehow coordinate their pieces through some draging and rotating to create a symmetrical compound block and then drag it into a clear zone for positive points. The more lines of symmetry a block has as well as its size determines how many points a player receives.

On the other hand... players will sometimes have to cut their losses as they may eventually run into a compound which is too difficult to claim for positive points. At this point a player can then throw their piece into one of the two black waste-zones for negative points. This is the only other way to remove blocks from the table.

Play continues until a winner is declared.